E-Letters allow any user to comment on any original content or data in Science Signaling. The editors of Science Signaling will electronically publish all responses that contribute to the subject matter at hand within a few days of submission. To avoid points that have already been made, please read any other E-Letters pertaining to the material on which you wish to comment before submitting your own. The editors reserve the right to request revisions of the comments before posting. Readers may not submit an E-Letter for an article in the Virtual Journal. Readers wishing to comment on articles in the Virtual Journal should visit the journal publisher's site.

To submit an E-Letter, simply click the "Submit an E-Letter" link under "Article Tools" in the left navigation area while viewing the content on which you wish to comment. If there are already E-Letters related to that article, a link called "Read E-Letters" will be visible. E-Letters submitted as plain text will be formatted into HTML for you, or you may submit comments as HTML. Text and HTML-formatted comments are reviewed and may be modified by the editors prior to posting.

To find E-Letters, you can either search for E-Letters using the Quick Search or Advanced Search options, you can view E-Letters by visiting the Community section of the site, or you can go directly to the article to which the E-Letter is associated and choose the "Read E-Letters" option.

Submitting an E-Letter requires free registration or an individual subscription.