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There are two implementations of these threaded discussions: Moderated Forums and Open Forums.

Moderated Forums start with an Opening Statement supplied by an invited signal transduction expert. This sets the stage for the discussion and provides an authoritative person to address issues that arise during the discussion. Think of Moderated Forums as the is the electronic equivalent of the question-and-answer period after a seminar, but without the temporal and physical constraints.

Open Forums are loosely organized around a broad topic in signal transduction and the discussion is guided by your input.

The Science Signaling editors do review each message and may make suggestions to improve clarity or address grammatical errors. When you submit a message to either type of Forum, you will receive an email saying that your message was received and will be posted soon or that an editor will contact you regarding possible revisions.

How Does it Work?

The software for the Forums helps respondents to reply appropriately and makes the threads in the discussion easy to follow. Each top level topic within a forum is indicated by the red dot. Each subsequent message within the topic has another color.

Within each Forum, there are topics and messages (or responses to the topic within the Forum). When viewing the main page to a particular Forum, a reader can start a new topic using the link (Start a new topic) in the white cut out area on the left side of the page. From a specific message, the reader can respond to that message using the link (Respond to this message) in the white cut out area on the left side of the page. This link on the left automatically changes to help you respond appropriately.

To participate in a Forum, all you need to do is register. It only takes a few moments and is FREE!

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