Meeting Reports

Science Signaling Meeting Reports feature highlights from meetings and conferences related to cell signaling. Often written by the meeting organizers or other attendees, they communicate current trends in research, allowing those who could not attend the meeting to get a flavor of the featured talks. Meeting Reports, which were originally published as Perspectives in the Literature section, are now all available in the Community section. If you attended or organized a meeting or conference of interest to the signaling community, we welcome your suggestions to contribute a Meeting Report. Authors should refer to the Information for Authors for general information about manuscript preparation and the journal's policies. Meeting Reports follow the general guidelines for a Perspective, but should include the title, location, and dates of the meeting. Any person noted in the report should be listed by name and affiliation.

Use the Advanced Search limited to the Meeting Reports section, to find Meeting Reports. Alternatively, the Meeting Reports and the Meeting Reports Archive can be accessed from the Community section of the site.

An example of the proper citation format for a Meeting Report published prior to moving these articles from the Literature section to the Community section is shown below:

E. Werner, Meeting Report: The Future and Limits of Systems Biology. Sci. STKE 2005, pe16 (2005).

An example of the proper citation format for a Meeting Reports published after the title change to Science Signaling in January 2008 and after the move of these to the Community section is shown below:

D. Obradovic Wagner, C. Sieber, R. Bhushan, J. H. Börgermann, D. Graf, P. Knaus, BMPs: From Bone to Body Morphogenetic Proteins. Sci. Signal. 3, mr1 (2010).