Editors' Choice

Each week the Science Signaling editors select papers of exceptional interest and importance to cell signaling research and summarize the findings in short articles called Editors' Choice. Summaries of articles highlighted from Science are the same as those that appear in "This Week in Science" in Science magazine and are written by the Science editorial staff and reprinted with permission.

When the highlighted article is published in a journal that is available in the Virtual Journal, then links to the Abstract and Full Text of the article(s) described are provided. For journals that are currently not participating in the Virtual Journal, a link to the abstract of the article in PubMed or at the publishing journal's site will be provided when available. Otherwise, an Online Journal link will bring you to the homepage of the cited journal.

Some of the Science Signaling Editors' Choice summaries are chosen for inclusion in Science magazine, where they appear as part of the Editor's Choice section. Sometimes there are slight differences in the versions shown in the magazine compared to online at the STKE based on editing changes to tailor the summaries to the differences in the audiences for these two publications (see the list of these Editors' Choice summaries that have appeared in Science).

Editors' Choice summaries are not submitted to PubMed but can be cited. Citation styles are shown for examples that do not include the name of the editor who authored the summary and for those that do include the name of the editor who authored the summary.

Style 1 prior to January 2008

Predicting Kinase Substrates. Sci. STKE (Editors' Choice, published 21 January 2003), http://stke.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/abstract/sigtrans;2003/166/tw33.

Style 2 prior to January 2008

Predicting Kinase Substrates. Sci. STKE 2003, tw33 (2003).

Style 3 for those published after the title change to Science Signaling in January 2008

N. R. Gough, Predicting Kinase Substrates. Science Signaling 1, tw33 (2008).

Note that this section was previously called "This Week in Signal Transduction" or "This Week in ST".