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Virtual Journal

About the Virtual Journal

The Virtual Journal strives to bring "current awareness alerting" to a new level. Every night, Virtual Journal's semantic indexing software analyzes the contents of the latest issues of cooperating journals, identifying their signal transduction-related articles and providing you with instant access to those articles' full text, online and in PDF format. Reader access to full-text online articles is graciously provided by cooperating publishers.

Registered users or subscribers may receive an e-mail alert when articles that meet user-specified criteria are added to the Virtual Journal and users may receive alerts when articles in the Virtual Journal are cited by other articles published in journals hosted by HighWire Press. These tools make it is easy for Science Signaling users to stay abreast of the latest cell signaling literature.

Subscribers or registered users accessing Science Signaling through an institutional subscription may select favorite journals from the My Display Settings page. This will then allow the user to limit search results to those from a personalized "My Journals" list. This feature allows users to be selective and find those articles that are most likely to be important to them.

Navigating the Virtual Journal

To reach the Virtual Journal, click the Literature tab at the top of the page and then choose the Virtual Journal link from the left navigation area.

Several options for browsing or searching the Virtual Journal are available. Users may search all articles in the Virtual Journal or only those added within in the last week. Users may also browse the new additions or all articles or browse those articles added in the most recently four weeks.

An Overview of How the Virtual Journal Works

Articles listed in the Virtual Journal have not been selected by human authorities--selection is automated, based on an algorithm designed to identify articles that meet criteria for being pertinent to signal transduction. The Science Signaling editors review the articles that are added and excluded and add or remove articles as needed when the software doesn't get it quite right. Please let us know if you notice an article that doesn't belong or one that is missing that should be included. Simply send us a message letting us know the journal title, the volume, the issue number and the page of the article.

Journal Coverage

The Virtual Journal covers only articles from the journals of cooperating publishers that are hosted by HighWire Press. Some publishers have participated for a limited time, for example Annual Reviews journals include articles from 1997 through May 2003. If you are a publisher with a journal at HighWire Press and would like to participate in the Virtual Journal, please send us a message.

Relative Links (Page Not Found)

Many publishers are using relative links in their online versions of their articles. This is beneficial for those accessing these articles through a mirror site, but this presents a problem for articles that are accessed through the Virtual Journal. When accessed through the Virtual Journal, the online version of the articles are not located at the same place as they were originally published and thus the relative link is pointing to the Science Signaling site and not the publisher's site. This leads to "page not found" errors when you try to navigate using links embedded in the article text. This is a technical problem that we are investigating, but have not solved. One manifestation of this problem is the references in Annual Reviews articles. Please download the PDF version of Annual Reviews articles to obtain the references.

Article Access

Access to the full text and PDFs of the articles in the Virtual Journal requires a paid subscription or access through an institutional site license. Alternatively, to obtain access to individual articles (for example by pay per view) or obtain permissions to use the article, please contact the article's publisher. Supplemental data must be accessed from the publisher's site, not the Science Signaling Virtual Journal.

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