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Featured in Science Magazine: 2000

Summaries in the Editors' Choice section are often selected for inclusion in the Editors' Choice section of Science. Below you will find a list of the selected summaries and links to the summaries as they appeared in the magazine for 2000. Note that prior to 2008, Science Signaling was named Science's STKE.

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Science Issue Date Science's Editors' Choice STKE's Editors' Choice
11/10/2000 Isomer-Specific Dephosphorylation Isomerization-Controlled Dephosphorylation
11/3/2000 Facilitator for Carcinogenesis Protease Frees VEGF for Angiogenic Action
10/13/2000 Survival of the Fattest Survival of the Fattest
9/15/2000 Reduced in Order to Divide Reduced to Divide
9/8/2000 Looking Frazzled? Getting Frazzled in Axon Guidance
9/1/2000 A Three-Body Problem Patched and Smoothened Go Separate Ways
8/4/2000 Escorting RXR Out of the Nucleus Nuclear Export Escort for RXR
7/21/2000 Protease Inhibitor Side Effects HIV Protease Inhibitors Block Glut4 Activity
7/14/2000 Requirement for Neurotrophin Signal Cholesterol Requirement for Neurotrophin Signals
7/7/2000 Presenilins as Enzymes Is the Snark a Boojum?
6/16/2000 Irreversibly Instructed to Become Glia Stem Cells Become Glia in Response to Notch
5/26/2000 Counterintuitive Therapy Heart Failure and Hyperphosphorylation
5/19/2000 Apoptotic Signals at the Golgi Apoptotic Signals at the Golgi
5/12/2000 Neutrophil Immunodeficiency Rac2 Mutation May Lead to Immunodeficiency
5/5/2000 Sog Blocks Gbb, Supersog Blocks Gbb and Dpp Processed Sog Blocks Dpp and Gbb Signals in Flies
4/14/2000 A Perpetrator of p53-dependent Apoptosis A p53-dependent Apoptosis Perpetrator
3/31/2000 Sensing Cold and Changing Coats Sensing Cold
3/24/2000 Interleukins and T Helper Cells Interlukin-12 Receptor b2 Chain and TH2 Cells
3/17/2000 Shedding Light on Phototaxis Shedding Light on Phototaxis
3/10/2000 Preventing Inbreeding Preventing Inbreeding
3/3/2000 Chromatin Regulates CREB Phosphorylation Chromatin Regulates CREB Phosphorylation
2/25/2000 Death Signal Cascade in Bacteria Death Signal Cascade in Bacteria
2/18/2000 New Docking Motifs in MAPKs New Docking Motifs in MAPKs
2/11/2000 Reciprocal Signaling Roles for STAT3 and SHP2 Reciprocal Signaling Roles for STAT3 and SHP2
2/4/2000 Cross-talk in Neurotransmitter Receptors Regulation by Direct Contact
1/28/2000 Restoring Retinoid Signals in Cancer Cells Orphan Nuclear Receptor Promotes Retinoid Signals
1/21/2000 Removing Receptors by Ubiquitination Ubiquitin May Signal Degradation in Two Ways
1/14/2000 Dispatched Sends Hedgehog On Its Way Dispatched Liberates Hedgehog
1/7/2000 Turning Pathways Off with a Second Switch Terminating SMAD Signals

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