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Featured in Science Magazine: 2003

Summaries in the Editors' Choice section are often selected for inclusion in the Editors' Choice section of Science. Below you will find a list of the selected summaries and links to the summaries as they appeared in the magazine for 2001. Note that prior to 2008, Science Signaling was named Science's STKE.

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Science Issue Date Science's Editors' Choice STKE's Editors' Choice
12/19/2003 A Deadly Feedback Cytochrome c and IP3R: A Deadly Handshake
10/31/2003 Prions Stress Out the ER Prions Stress Out the ER
10/17/2003 Targeting Prostate Cancer via G Proteins G Proteins, New Targets for Prostate Cancer
9/26/2003 A Matter of Taste A Matter of Taste
9/19/2003 Easing the Pain Easing the Pain
9/12/2003 Behavior and Vulval Development Behavior and Vulval Development
8/22/2003 Thinking Inside the Box Classifying Drugs by Gene Expression Analysis
8/8/2003 A Signal Deficit in Schizophrenia? A Role for Calcineurin Dysfunction in Schizophrenia?
8/1/2003 Counteracting Hypertension A Role for Mas in Keeping Blood Pressure Down?
7/18/2003 Painful Inflammatory Responses Feeling No (Chronic) Pain
7/11/2003 Maximizing Your Minis Maximizing Your Minis
6/13/2003 Mitotic Regulator on the Move Mitotic Regulator Gets Moving
6/6/2003 Of Macrophages and Muscle IL-4: A Fusion Signal
5/16/2003 An Inability to Stop Movements A Movement Disorder That's Hard to Forget
5/9/2003 PPARd: Burning off the Fat PPARd: Burning off the Fat
4/11/2003 Dissecting Growth Cone Guidance Dissecting Growth Cone Guidance
2/28/2003 Live Larger, Live Longer Live Larger, Live Longer
1/10/2003 Keeping Cells in Their Places Elastin Keeps Cells in Their Place

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