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Featured in Science Magazine: 2006

Summaries in the Editors' Choice section are often selected for inclusion in the Editors' Choice section of Science. Below you will find a list of the selected summaries and links to the summaries as they appeared in the magazine for 2006. Note that prior to 2008, Science Signaling was named Science's STKE.

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Science Issue Date Science's Editors' Choice STKE's Editors' Choice
12/15/2006 Stimulating Close Encounters Stimulating Phagocytosis
12/8/2006 Of Arsenic and NF-κB Of Arsenic and NF-κB
11/17/2006 A Complex Mode of Glucose Signaling A Complex Mode of Glucose Signaling
10/27/2006 Why a Diet Rich in Seafood is Healthy Why a Diet Rich in Seafood Is Healthy
10/20/2006 XIAP As a Positive Feedback Regulator of Capase Activation XIAP as a Positive Feedback Regulator of Caspase Activation
10/6/2006 Inflammatory Pores Pore-Forming Pathogens Activate the Inflammasome
9/29/2006 How Nickel Binding Regulates Transcription How Nickel Binding Regulates Transcription
9/22/2006 An Open and Shut Case Touch´┐Ż! Plants and Bacteria Battle at Leaf Pores
9/8/2006 A Flexible Fate? A Flexible or Inflexible Fate?
9/1/2006 Waking Stem Cells Waking Stem Cells
8/25/2006 An Up-and Down-Regulator p85-PI3K and PTEN Regulator
8/18/2006 Moving PIP3 About Moving PIP3 on Microtubules
7/28/2006 A Peptidase Affecting Angiogenesis Peptidase in Regulatory Loop Affecting Angiogenesis
7/14/2006 Inhibiting the Restocking of the Store Golli, a New Mechanism for Regulating T Cell Activation
6/16/2006 Promoting Central Regeneration Promoting Central Regeneration
6/9/2006 Keeping LAT out Keeping LAT out
6/2/2006 Women See Friends, Men See Foes Men See Foes and Women See Friends
5/26/2006 The GABA Defense The GABA Defense
5/19/2006 PTEN Affects Brain Development Loss of PTEN Affects Brain Development
5/12/2006 Going for the Correct Orientation Going for the Correct Orientation
5/5/2006 FSH Increases Bone Resorption FSH Increases Bone Resorption
4/28/2006 A Proton Gradient Signals Asymmetry H+ Pump Provides an Early Asymmetry Signal
4/21/2006 Signaling Stress in Asthma Signaling Stress in Asthma
4/7/2006 Holding Onto Two Jobs Holding Onto Two Jobs
3/24/2006 Larger Pipe, Lower Resistance Does a Message from the Matrix Raise Your Blood Pressure?
3/10/2006 The Ups and Downs of Kinases JNK Keeps ERK Down
3/3/2006 Mice Are Not Men Of Mice, Men, and POMC
2/24/2006 Targeting Downstream Repercussions Targeting the MDM2-p53 Interaction
1/13/2006 Not Recognizing Ourselves Distinguishing Self from Foreign DNA
1/6/2006 Getting Lean with Leptin Fat Rats Get Lean with Leptin

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