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Featured in Science Magazine: 2007

Summaries in the Editors' Choice section are often selected for inclusion in the Editors' Choice section of Science. Below you will find a list of the selected summaries and links to the summaries as they appeared in the magazine for 2007. Note that prior to 2008, Science Signaling was named Science's STKE.

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Science Issue Date Science's Editors' Choice STKE's Editors' Choice
12/14/2007 Looking After Polysialic Acid Looking After Polysialic Acid
12/7/2007 Food for Thought Food for Thought?
11/30/2007 PINK Participates in Parkinson's Pathway PINK Participates in Parkinson�s Pathway
11/16/2007 A New Angiogenesis Weapon A New Angiogenesis Inhibitor
10/26/2007 An Endogenous SERM? An Endogenous SERM?
10/19/2007 How Clocks See the Light How Clocks See the Light
10/12/2007 Serpins Save Cells Serpins Save Cells
10/5/2007 Gut Sensations Sensing Sugar in the Gut
9/28/2007 Preventing Transformation Preventing Transformation
9/21/2007 Helping Plants Survive Heat Helping Plants Survive Heat Stress
9/14/2007 Knitting a Ravelled Sleave Knitting a Ravelled Sleave
9/7/2007 A Silent Partner A Silent Partner
8/24/2007 Hyperactive Antimicrobials Hyperactive Antimicrobial Response Produces Rosacea
8/3/2007 Hearing New Things About Calcium Hearing New Things About Calcium
7/20/2007 Numb Cells Keep Moving Numb Cells Keep Moving
7/13/2007 Developmental Effects of Decapping Decap to Form Veins
7/6/2007 A Painful Role for Ankyrin Repeats A New Role for Ankyrin Repeats
6/29/2007 Plugging Up Connexins Hans Brinker Meets Gap Junctions
6/22/2007 Dendrites Are Only a CLICK Away Dendrites Are Only a CLICK Away
6/8/2007 NEMO: An Adaptive Regulator Nuclear Shut Off of NF-κB
5/25/2007 Living Optical Fibers Glial Fiber Optics
5/18/2007 Who You Are Versus Where You Are Target the Bridges in Signaling Networks
5/11/2007 Just the Right Amount of Guidance Serotonin�s Axon Guidance Switch
5/4/2007 miRNAs Have Big Effects in the Heart Pathological Effects of Too Much or Too Little MicroRNA
4/20/2007 Sigmoid Overrules Hyperbolic Receptors Respond to Metabolic Flux
4/6/2007 Better Bones Without Bax Better Without Bax?
3/30/2007 Cheering Up with VEGF Cheering Up with VEGF
3/16/2007 Antipsychotics and Weight Gain Atypical Antipsychotics Activate Hypothalamic AMPK
3/2/2007 The Queen of Dopamine The Queen of Dopamine
2/23/2007 An Unkind Cut Can Lead to a Broken Heart An Unkind Cut Leading to a Broken Heart
2/16/2007 Microregulating Inflammatory Responses MicroRNA May Link Inflammation and Cancer
1/19/2007 A Balance Between Life and Death Mapping the c-MYC Oncogene-Induced Pathway to Cell Death

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