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Featured in Science Magazine: 2009

Research articles published in Science Signaling are often selected for inclusion in the Editors' Choice section of Science. Below you will find a list of the selected Research Articles and links to the Editors' Choice summaries as they appeared in the magazine for 2008 and 2009.

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Science Issue Date Science's Editors' Choice Science Signaling Research Article
18 December 2009 A Message in A Vesicle Delivery of MicroRNA-126 by Apoptotic Bodies Induces CXCL12-Dependent Vascular Protection
6 November 2009 Single-Molecule Sensitivity An Atypical CNG Channel Activated by a Single cGMP Molecule Controls Sperm Chemotaxis
4 September 2009 Sending Out an ROS The Plant NADPH Oxidase RBOHD Mediates Rapid Systemic Signaling in Response to Diverse Stimuli
14 August 2009 Becoming Homesick SIK1 Couples LKB1 to p53-Dependent Anoikis and Suppresses Metastasis
24 July 2009 Figuring Out What to Aim at Therapeutically Targeting ErbB3: A Key Node in Ligand-Induced Activation of the ErbB Receptor–PI3K Axis
5 June 2009 Wrestling with Heat Shock System-Wide Changes to SUMO Modifications in Response to Heat Shock
8 May 2009 Adaptable Transducers i1 and Gαi3 Are Required for Epidermal Growth Factor–Mediated Activation of the Akt-mTORC1 Pathway
10 April 2009 Intrinsically Responsive Dynamic Signaling in the Hog1 MAPK Pathway Relies on High Basal Signal Transduction
27 February 2009 Phosphorylation Out of Order The Precise Sequence of FGF Receptor Autophosphorylation Is Kinetically Driven and Is Disrupted by Oncogenic Mutations
19 December 2008 Suntanned to Death Identification of ROCK1 as an Upstream Activator of the JIP-3 to JNK Signaling Axis in Response to UVB Damage
24 October 2008 Screening for Kinases Kinome siRNA Screen Identifies Regulators of Ciliogenesis and Hedgehog Signal Transduction
12 September 2008 Life Beyond Kinase Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase p110β Activity: Key Role in Metabolism and Mammary Gland Cancer but Not Development

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