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Resources Complementing Science Magazine: 2001

Prior to January 2008, Science Signaling was published as Science's STKE. Focus Issues and individual articles were published in conjunction with Science Special Issues. Below you will find a list of the articles and resources that complement particular issues or articles in Science for 2001.

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Science Special Issue: Lipid Biology (30 November 2001)

Editorial Guide

  • L. D. Chong, STKE focus issue on lipid biology: Lipids, partners in cellular signaling.
    Sci. STKE 2001, eg5 (2001). [Full Text]


  • D. W. Hilgemann, S. Feng, C. Nasuhoglu, The complex and intriguing lives of PIP2 with ion channels and transporters. Sci. STKE 2001 re19 (2001). [Gloss] [Abstract] [Full Text]


  • T. Munnik, A. Musgrave, Phospholipid signaling in plants: Holding on to phospholipase D. Sci. STKE 2001, pe42 (2001). [ Summary] [Full Text]


  • Lipid Rafts: Real or Artifact? With an opening statement by M. Edidin. [Discussion]

Science Special Issue: Sleep, Dreams, and Memory (2 November 2001)

Editorial Guide

  • J. Nelson, L. Chong, N. Gough, Focus issue on neuroscience: Molecular components of circadian rhythms and oscillations. Sci. STKE 2001, eg4 (2001). [Full Text]


  • M. I. Masana, M. L. Dubocovich, Melatonin receptor signaling: Finding the path in the dark. Sci. STKE 2001, pe39 (2001). [Summary] [Full Text]


  • M. P. Pando, P. Sassone-Corsi, Signaling to the mammalian circadian clocks: In pursuit of the primary mammalian circadian photoreceptor. Sci. STKE 2001, re16 (2001). [Gloss] [Abstract] [Full Text]

Science Special Issue: Genome--Unlocking Biology's Storehouse (5 October 2001)

Editorial Guide

  • L. B. Ray, Introduction: STKE focus issue on genomics. Sci. STKE 2001, eg2 (2001). [Full Text]


  • K. Ashman, F. Sicheri, T. Pawson, M. Tyers, Cell signaling--The proteomics of it all. Sci. STKE 2001, pe33. [Summary] [Full Text]


  • M. L. Matter, M. H. Ginsberg, J. W. Ramos, Identification of cell signaling molecules by expression cloning. Sci. STKE 2001, pl9 (2001). [Abstract] [Full Text]

Science Special Issue: Epigenetics (10 August 2001)


  • C. A. Worby, N. Simonson-Leff, J. E. Dixon, RNA interference of gene expression (RNAi) in cultured Drosophila cells. Sci. STKE 2001 pl1 (2001). [Abstract] [Full Text]

Science Special Issue: Vaccines and Immunity (13 July 2001)

Editorial Guide

  • J. W. Nelson, Introduction: STKE focus issue on signaling in the immune system. Sci. STKE 2001, eg1 (2001). [Full Text]


  • A. Z. Fernandis, R. K. Ganju, Slit: A roadblock for chemotaxis. Sci. STKE 2001, pe1 (2001). [Summary] [Full Text]
  • J. W. Nelson, A call to arms: The cytokine selection service. Sci. STKE 2001, pe2 (2001). [Summary] [Full Text]

Connections Maps

  • G. Koretzky, A. L. Singer, T cell signal transduction. Sci. STKE (as seen July 2001), [Canonical Pathway]

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