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E-lettersE-Letters allow readers to add their opinion to, point out new research about, or address the author of any specific article or resource in Science Signaling. The editors may revise submitted E-Letters to optimize formatting for the Web prior to posting. To add your comments, use the "Submit an E-Letter" link located in the Article Tools section of the article.

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HDAC- and HAT-targeted therapies in neurodegenerative diseases
Ranjeet Singh Mahla (10 December 2014)
Histone deacetylases in memory and cognition
Penney and Tsai (9 December 2014)
Is it possible to develop mutation-specific HER3 allosteric interaction–targeting drugs?
Ranjeet Singh Mahla (9 December 2014)
Research Article
Structural analysis of the EGFR/HER3 heterodimer reveals the molecular basis for activating HER3 mutations
Littlefield et al. (2 December 2014)
Correction to references in the Research Article “Inflammatory stimuli induce inhibitory S-nitrosylation of the deacetylase SIRT1 to increase acetylation and activation of p53 and p65”
Science Signaling Editors (25 November 2014)
The functional importance of SIRT-1 is context-dependent
RANJEET SINGH MAHLA (25 November 2014)
Research Article
Inflammatory stimuli induce inhibitory S-nitrosylation of the deacetylase SIRT1 to increase acetylation and activation of p53 and p65
Shinozaki et al. (11 November 2014)
Importance of sugar moiety in PAMPs and evolutionary signature in TLRs for biased signaling
Ranjeet Singh Mahla (20 November 2014)
Research Article
Type I interferon signaling contributes to the bias that Toll-like receptor 4 exhibits for signaling mediated by the adaptor protein TRIF
Kolb et al. (11 November 2014)
Is miRNA profiling and characterization confounded and universal for cancer ?
RANJEET SINGH MAHLA (20 November 2014)
Research Article
Characterization of a set of tumor suppressor microRNAs in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Sanghvi et al. (18 November 2014)
Re: FGFR1-mediated inhibition of TGFβ signaling in organ transplantation and cancer
Michael Simons (23 October 2014)
FGFR1-mediated inhibition of TGFβ signaling in organ transplantation and cancer
Ranjeet Singh Mahla (9 October 2014)
Research Article
Fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 is a key inhibitor of TGFβ signaling in the endothelium
Chen et al. (23 September 2014)
Separating the C1 and C2 domains of Plexin
Hua Chen (29 August 2014)
Research Article
Distinct Cytoplasmic Domains in Plexin-A4 Mediate Diverse Responses to Semaphorin 3A in Developing Mammalian Neurons
Mlechkovich et al. (11 March 2014)
Re: Going Nuclear with EGFR
Ian Macara (20 August 2014)
Editors' Choice
Going Nuclear with EGFR
VanHook (5 August 2014)
Re: Combined Treatment for Rett Syndrome
Nancy Gough (18 August 2014)
Editors' Choice
Combined Treatment for Rett Syndrome
Gough (15 July 2014)
Correction to “Unhelpful T Helper Cells”
Leslie K. Ferrarelli (3 June 2014)
Editors' Choice
Unhelpful T Helper Cells
Ferrarelli (27 May 2014)
Correction to author name
Science Signaling Editors (27 March 2013)
Research Article
The Long-Term Survival Potential of Mature T Lymphocytes Is Programmed During Development in the Thymus
Sinclair et al. (15 November 2011)
Mitochondrial Retrograde Signaling Pathways
Shida Chen, et al. (6 March 2013)
An Alternative Approach for Decoding Mitochondrial Retrograde Signaling
Vladimir N. Ivanov (6 March 2013)
Research Resource
A Systems Approach for Decoding Mitochondrial Retrograde Signaling Pathways
Chae et al. (26 February 2013)
Misspelling in the Title
Science Signaling Editors (28 December 2012)
Editors' Choice
Neurons Get the Neuroligin-1 Advantage
Gough (18 December 2012)
Proline-Rich Motifs and Immune-Brain Loop Communication
Roberto Lozano (24 August 2012)
Research Article
The Scaffolding Protein Synapse-Associated Protein 97 Is Required for Enhanced Signaling Through Isotype-Switched IgG Memory B Cell Receptors
Liu et al. (31 July 2012)
No Connection Intended
Science Signaling Editors, et al. (22 August 2012)
Editors' Choice
Tic TOC1 Plant Clock
Hines (10 April 2012)
Ras and Rap GAP Function and GTPase Sequestration in Plexin-Mediated Cell Signaling Mechanisms
Matthias Buck, et al. (8 March 2012)
Response to Negishi and Buck
Xuewu Zhang, et al. (8 March 2012)
Correction to Sequence Range
Science Signaling Editors (24 February 2012)
Research Article
Plexins Are GTPase-Activating Proteins for Rap and Are Activated by Induced Dimerization
Wang et al. (17 January 2012)
Noting Two Scientific Inaccuracies
François Leulier, et al. (17 February 2012)
Is the Regulation of Insulin Signaling Multi-Organismal?
Douglas (13 December 2011)
Online Image Error
Science Signaling Editors (30 January 2012)
A Pseudokinase Debut at the Mycobacterial Cell Wall
Warner and Mizrahi (24 January 2012)
Editorial Expression of Concern for Highlighted Paper
Science Signaling Editors (18 November 2011)
Editors' Choice
Sepsis Protection
Mueller (8 June 2010)
Retraction of Highlighted Paper
Science Signaling Editors (18 November 2011)
Editors' Choice
Degraded for Shock Value
Wong (29 March 2011)
GSK-3 and β-catenin
James R. Woodgett (27 July 2011)
Editors' Choice
Activating β-Catenin with NCAM
Gough (26 July 2011)
Improved PRMT Substrate Detection
Robert B. Denman (16 March 2011)
Analysis of Protein Arginine Methylation and Protein Arginine-Methyltransferase Activity
Mowen and David (31 July 2001)
Correction to Podcast Audio
Science Signaling editors (16 August 2010)
Science Signaling Podcast: 3 August 2010
Smit and VanHook (3 August 2010)
Correction of Typographical Errors
Science Signaling Editors (9 July 2010)
Editors' Choice
Rhizobial Receptors Revealed
(14 October 2003)
Correction of Typographical Error
Science Signaling Editors (4 June 2010)
Research Article
Eukaryotic Protein Domains as Functional Units of Cellular Evolution
Jin et al. (24 November 2009)
Correction Information
Science Signaling Editors (13 May 2010)
Research Article
Systems Pharmacology of Arrhythmias
Berger et al. (20 April 2010)
Early Stage Investigator Award
Science Signaling Editors (28 January 2010)
Research Article
Proteomic Analysis of Integrin-Associated Complexes Identifies RCC2 as a Dual Regulator of Rac1 and Arf6
Humphries et al. (8 September 2009)
Do Bigger and "Better" Labs Have Easier Access to High Impact Factor Journals?
Shai Berlin (9 December 2009)
Editorial Guide
Living by the Numbers
Yaffe (1 December 2009)
Innovators Award
Science Signaling Editors (29 October 2009)
Research Article
Fault Diagnosis Engineering of Digital Circuits Can Identify Vulnerable Molecules in Complex Cellular Pathways
Abdi et al. (21 October 2008)
ACC Award
The Editors (15 May 2009)
Research Article
Rac1 Is a Critical Mediator of Endothelium-Derived Neurotrophic Activity
Sawada et al. (10 March 2009)
Paradigm Shift
John S. Torday, et al. (11 May 2009)
Editorial Guide
Omic Empiricism
Searls (28 April 2009)
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