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J. Cell Biol. 157 (6): 985-996

Copyright © 2002 by the Rockefeller University Press.


Ecdysone-induced expression of the caspase DRONC during hormone-dependent programmed cell death in Drosophila is regulated by Broad-Complex

Dimitrios Cakouros1, Tasman Daish1,2, Damali Martin3, Eric H. Baehrecke3, and Sharad Kumar1,2

1 Hanson Centre for Cancer Research, Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia
2 Department of Medicine, Adelaide University, Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia
3 University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, College Park, MD 20742

Address correspondence to Sharad Kumar, Hanson Centre for Cancer Research, Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, P.O. Box 14, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia. Tel.: 61-8-8222-3738. Fax: 61-8-8222-3139. E-mail: asharad.kumar{at}

Abstract: The steroid hormone ecdysone regulates both cell differentiation and cell death during insect metamorphosis, by hierarchical transcriptional regulation of a number of genes, including the Broad-Complex (BR-C), the zinc finger family of transcription factors. These genes in turn regulate the transcription of a number of downstream genes. DRONC, a key apical caspase in Drosophila, is the only known caspase that is transcriptionally regulated by ecdysone during development. We demonstrate that dronc gene expression is ablated or reduced in BR-C mutant flies. Using RNA interference in an ecdysone-responsive Drosophila cell line, we show that DRONC is essential for ecdysone-mediated cell death, and that dronc upregulation in these cells is controlled by BR-C. Finally, we show that the dronc promoter has BR-C interaction sites, and that it can be transactivated by a specific isoform of BR-C. These results indicate that BR-C plays a key role in ecdysone-mediated caspase regulation.

Key Words: hormone; apoptosis; BR-C; RNAi; transcription

Twist-1 Induces Ezh2 Recruitment Regulating Histone Methylation along the Ink4A/Arf Locus in Mesenchymal Stem Cells.
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Mol. Cell. Biol. 32, 1433-1441
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
dLKR/SDH regulates hormone-mediated histone arginine methylation and transcription of cell death genes.
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J. Cell Biol. 182, 481-495
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Timing of the onset of a developmental cell death is controlled by transcriptional induction of the C. elegans ced-3 caspase-encoding gene.
C. W. Maurer, M. Chiorazzi, and S. Shaham (2007)
Development 134, 1357-1368
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Programmed cell death mechanisms of identifiable peptidergic neurons in Drosophila melanogaster.
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Development 133, 2223-2232
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The Drosophila melanogaster Apaf-1 homologue ARK is required for most, but not all, programmed cell death..
K. Mills, T. Daish, K. F. Harvey, C. M. Pfleger, I. K. Hariharan, and S. Kumar (2006)
J. Cell Biol. 172, 809-815
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Ecdysone-mediated Up-regulation of the Effector Caspase DRICE Is Required for Hormone-dependent Apoptosis in Drosophila Cells.
Z. E. Kilpatrick, D. Cakouros, and S. Kumar (2005)
J. Biol. Chem. 280, 11981-11986
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
The two cytochrome c species, DC3 and DC4, are not required for caspase activation and apoptosis in Drosophila cells.
L. Dorstyn, K. Mills, Y. Lazebnik, and S. Kumar (2004)
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Migrate, Differentiate, Proliferate, or Die: Pleiotropic Functions of an Apical "Apoptotic Caspase".
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Ecdysone receptor directly binds the promoter of the Drosophila caspase dronc, regulating its expression in specific tissues.
D. Cakouros, T. J. Daish, and S. Kumar (2004)
J. Cell Biol. 165, 631-640
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
An Arginine-Histone Methyltransferase, CARMER, Coordinates Ecdysone-mediated Apoptosis in Drosophila Cells.
D. Cakouros, T. J. Daish, K. Mills, and S. Kumar (2004)
J. Biol. Chem. 279, 18467-18471
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Overexpression of broad: a new insight into its role in the Drosophila prothoracic gland cells.
X. Zhou, B. Zhou, J. W. Truman, and L. M. Riddiford (2004)
J. Exp. Biol. 207, 1151-1161
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
Use of Sindbis virus-mediated RNA interference to demonstrate a conserved role of Broad-Complex in insect metamorphosis.
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   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
kep1 interacts genetically with dredd/Caspase-8, and kep1 mutants alter the balance of dredd isoforms.
M. Di Fruscio, S. Styhler, E. Wikholm, M.-C. Boulanger, P. Lasko, and S. Richard (2003)
PNAS 100, 1814-1819
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