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Sci. Signal., 8 July 2008
Vol. 1, Issue 27, p. pe35
[DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.127pe35]


The Cytoplasmic Tail of MUC1: A Very Busy Place

Daniel D. Carson*

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716, USA.

Abstract: The role of mucin 1 (MUC1) in protecting epithelia from microbial infection, enzymatic digestion, and other irritants has been appreciated for some time. In addition, MUC1 serves as a barrier to embryo implantation. MUC1 is highly abundant in many tumors in which its role in barrier function may serve to protect cells from the host immune system, whereas MUC1 is less abundant in certain other cells—for example, in trophoblasts and hematopoietic cells. Most of the functions of MUC1 depend upon its large, extracellular ectodomain. Nonetheless, a series of studies have demonstrated a surprisingly diverse role for the small, highly conserved cytoplasmic domain of MUC1 in intracellular signaling. These intracellular activities have potential roles in the physiology of both malignant and nonmalignant cells.

E-mail: dcarson{at}

Citation: D. D. Carson, The Cytoplasmic Tail of MUC1: A Very Busy Place. Sci. Signal. 1, pe35 (2008).

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Targeting the Intracellular MUC1 C-terminal Domain Inhibits Proliferation and Estrogen Receptor Transcriptional Activity in Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells.
C. M. Klinge, B. N. Radde, Y. Imbert-Fernandez, Y. Teng, M. M. Ivanova, S. M. Abner, and A. L. Martin (2011)
Mol. Cancer Ther. 10, 2062-2071
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MUC1-Induced Transcriptional Programs Associated with Tumorigenesis Predict Outcome in Breast and Lung Cancer.
N. N. Khodarev, S. P. Pitroda, M. A. Beckett, D. M. MacDermed, L. Huang, D. W. Kufe, and R. R. Weichselbaum (2009)
Cancer Res. 69, 2833-2837
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