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Sci. STKE, 6 June 2000
Vol. 2000, Issue 35, p. tw4
[DOI: 10.1126/stke.2000.35.tw4]


Immunology Fc{epsilon}RI Complexes are Better with Beta

The Fc{epsilon}RI complex exists in two forms composed of α and {gamma} subunits in the presence or absence of β subunits: α{gamma}2, and αβ{gamma} 2. The presence of the β subunit in Fc{epsilon}RI increases the transduced signal to approximately 5 times that of β-deficient Fc{epsilon}RIs. Donnadieu et al. uncover another method by which β subunits increase Fc{epsilon}RI signal amplification: increasing the amounts of α subunit found at the plasma membrane. Cells stably expressing the α{gamma} 2 receptor express higher levels of functional Fc{epsilon}RI when also transfected with the β chain. Expression of the β chain in α{gamma} 2 cells led to increased maturation of α, and the authors also demonstrated that α and β associate early in the ER compartment. Additionally, the stability of the functional Fc{epsilon}RI complex, as measured by protein-protein associations within immune complexes, is increased in the presence of the β chain. Thus, the presence of the β chain in Fc{epsilon}RI appears to increase receptor density and receptor stability and suggests that the different Fc{epsilon}RI isoforms may have specific roles in differing cell types.

Donnadieu, E., Jouvin, M.-H., and Kinet, J.-P. (2000) A second amplifier function for the allergy-associated Fc{epsilon}RI-β subunit. Immunity 12: 515-523. [Online Journal]

Citation: Fc{epsilon}RI Complexes are Better with Beta. Sci. STKE 2000, tw4 (2000).

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