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Sci. Signal., 26 January 2010
Vol. 3, Issue 106, p. ec34
[DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.3106ec34]


Genetic Networks Making Connections

Laura Zahn

Science, AAAS, Washington, DC 20005, USA

Genetic interaction profiles highlight cross-connections between bioprocesses, providing a global view of cellular pleiotropy, and enable the prediction of genetic network hubs. Costanzo et al. performed a pairwise fitness screen covering approximately one-third of all potential genetic interactions in yeast, examining 5.4 million gene-gene pairs and generating quantitative profiles for about 75% of the genome. Of the pairwise interactions tested, about 3% of the genes investigated interact under the conditions tested. On the basis of these data, a reference map for the yeast genetic network was created.

M. Costanzo, A. Baryshnikova, J. Bellay, Y. Kim, E. D. Spear, C. S. Sevier, H. Ding, J. L. Y. Koh, K. Toufighi, S. Mostafavi, J. Prinz, R. P. St. Onge, B. VanderSluis, T. Makhnevych, F. J. Vizeacoumar, S. Alizadeh, S. Bahr, R. L. Brost, Y. Chen, M. Cokol, R. Deshpande, Z. Li, Z.-Y. Lin, W. Liang, M. Marback, J. Paw, B.-J. San Luis, E. Shuteriqi, A. H. Y. Tong, N. van Dyk, I. M. Wallace, J. A. Whitney, M. T. Weirauch, G. Zhong, H. Zhu, W. A. Houry, M. Brudno, S. Ragibizadeh, B. Papp, C. Pál, F. P. Roth, G. Giaever, C. Nislow, O. G. Troyanskaya, H. Bussey, G. D. Bader, A.-C. Gingras, Q. D. Morris, P. M. Kim, C. A. Kaiser, C. L. Myers, B. J. Andrews, C. Boone, The genetic landscape of a cell. Science 327, 425–431 (2010). [Abstract] [Full Text]

Citation: L. Zahn, Making Connections. Sci. Signal. 3, ec34 (2010).

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