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Sci. Signal., 20 December 2011
Vol. 4, Issue 204, p. ec356
[DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.4204ec356]


Neuroscience Matrix Machinery Mutants

Peter R. Stern

Science, AAAS, Cambridge CB2 1LQ, UK

The synaptic cytomatrix is a poorly understood meshwork of proteins in the presynaptic active zone that ensures that synaptic vesicles, SNARES, and calcium channels are properly organized for efficient synaptic vesicle release during neurotransmission. Liu et al. found that Drosophila Rab-interacting molecule–binding protein (DRBP) is part of the active-zone cytomatrix core. DRBP was required for normal organization of calcium channels, and, in its absence, synaptic transmission was seriously impaired. Stoichiometric amounts of DRBP were needed for proper active-zone ultrastructure and function. Thus, DRBP is required for the coupling of voltage-gated calcium channels and the fusion machinery of synaptic vesicles.

K. S. Y. Liu, M. Siebert, S. Mertel, E. Knoche, S. Wegener, C. Wichmann, T. Matkovic, K. Muhammad, H. Depner, C. Mettke, J. Bückers, S. W. Hell, M. Müller, G. W. Davis, D. Schmitz, S. J. Sigrist, RIM-binding protein, a central part of the active zone, is essential for neurotransmitter release. Science 334, 1565–1569 (2011). [Abstract] [Full Text]

Citation: P. R. Stern, Matrix Machinery Mutants. Sci. Signal. 4, ec356 (2011).

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