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Sci. Signal., 12 May 2009
[DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.270pt4]

Integrative Analysis of Genome-Wide RNA Interference Screens (Slideshow)

Jason D. Berndt,* Travis L. Biechele, Randall T. Moon, Michael B. Major

*Presenter and corresponding author. E-mail, jdberndt{at}


These slides were prepared by Jason Berndt et al. to facilitate understanding of the integrative screening approach applied in the Science Signaling Research Article by Major et al. of 11 November 2008. The data presented may include unpublished materials that have not been peer-reviewed.


M. B. Major, B. S. Roberts, J. D. Berndt, S. Marine, J. Anastas, N. Chung, M. Ferrer, X. Yi, C. L. Stoick-Cooper, P. D. von Haller, L. Kategaya, A. Chien, S. Angers, M. MacCoss, M. A. Cleary, W. T. Arthur, R. T. Moon, New regulators of Wnt/β-catenin signaling revealed by integrative molecular screening. Sci. Signal. 1, ra12 (2008). Abstract | Full Text

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Citation: J. D. Berndt, T. L. Biechele, R. T. Moon, M. B. Major, Integrative analysis of genome-wide RNA interference screens. Sci. Signal. 2, pt4 (2009).

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