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Science 305 (5681): 184-185

Copyright © 2004 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science

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Enhanced: A Boost for Translational Neuroscience

Hannelore Ehrenreich

The hematopoietic cytokine EPO not only boosts red blood cell production in the bone marrow (hence its value for treating anemia patients) but also is neuroprotective. In her Perspective, Ehrenreich discusses exciting new research (Leist et al.) in which an EPO derivative is engineered to have neuroprotective activity but not hematopoietic activity. The new drug, called CEPO, should be of value for treating long-term neurological and psychiatric diseases where stimulation of red blood cell production would be a disadvantage.

The author is in the Division of Clinical Neuroscience, Max-Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine, 37075 Goettingen, Germany. E-mail: ehrenreich{at}

Hemoglobin-Independent Organ Protection by EPO in Humans: Amelioration of Cognitive Loss in Chronic Schizophrenia.
H. Ehrenreich, D. Hinze-Selch, S. Stawicki, C. Aust, S. Knolle-Veentjer, S. Wilms, G. Heinz, S. Erdag, H. Jahn, D. Degner, et al. (2007)
J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. 18, 3-6
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Global brain atrophy after unilateral parietal lesion and its prevention by erythropoietin.
A.-L. Siren, K. Radyushkin, S. Boretius, D. Kammer, C.-C. Riechers, O. Natt, D. Sargin, T. Watanabe, S. Sperling, T. Michaelis, et al. (2006)
Brain 129, 480-489
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
Neuroprotective Effect of Darbepoetin Alfa, a Novel Recombinant Erythropoietic Protein, in Focal Cerebral Ischemia in Rats.
L. Belayev, L. Khoutorova, W. Zhao, A. Vigdorchik, A. Belayev, R. Busto, E. Magal, and M. D. Ginsberg (2005)
Stroke 36, 1065-1070
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Reviews of Note.
Journal Watch Psychiatry 2004, 6
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Meet CEPO, a Variant of EPO with Great Therapeutic Potential.
Journal Watch (General) 2004, 2
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