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Science 310 (5753): 1442-1443

Copyright © 2005 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Tipping the Scales Toward More Effective Antibodies

Jenny M. Woof

Immunoglobulin G molecules, key mediators of immune protection and burgeoning therapeutic reagents, exist in different forms or subclasses. In her Perspective, Woof discusses new work by Nimmerjahn and Ravetch that reveals how, in some settings, the in vivo functional capabilities of each subclass may be predicted on the basis of differential interaction with specific cellular Fc receptors.

The author is in the Division of Pathology and Neuroscience, University of Dundee Medical School, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee DD1 9SY, UK. E-mail: j.m.woof{at}

In Vivo Biodistribution, PET Imaging, and Tumor Accumulation of 86Y- and 111In-Antimindin/RG-1, Engineered Antibody Fragments in LNCaP Tumor-Bearing Nude Mice.
D. W. Schneider, T. Heitner, B. Alicke, D. R. Light, K. McLean, N. Satozawa, G. Parry, J. Yoo, J. S. Lewis, and R. Parry (2009)
J. Nucl. Med. 50, 435-443
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Antibody fucosylation differentially impacts cytotoxicity mediated by NK and PMN effector cells.
M. Peipp, J. J. Lammerts van Bueren, T. Schneider-Merck, W. W. K. Bleeker, M. Dechant, T. Beyer, R. Repp, P. H. C. van Berkel, T. Vink, J. G. J. van de Winkel, et al. (2008)
Blood 112, 2390-2399
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Complement-Dependent Tumor Cell Lysis Triggered by Combinations of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Antibodies.
M. Dechant, W. Weisner, S. Berger, M. Peipp, T. Beyer, T. Schneider-Merck, J. J. Lammerts van Bueren, W. K. Bleeker, P. W.H.I. Parren, J. G.J. van de Winkel, et al. (2008)
Cancer Res. 68, 4998-5003
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
Effector Mechanisms of Recombinant IgA Antibodies against Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor.
M. Dechant, T. Beyer, T. Schneider-Merck, W. Weisner, M. Peipp, J. G. J. van de Winkel, and T. Valerius (2007)
J. Immunol. 179, 2936-2943
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