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Science 312 (5775): 858-860

Copyright © 2006 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Auxin Transport, but in Which Direction?

Tobias Sieberer and Ottoline Leyser

Many aspects of plant growth depend on transport of the hormone auxin across tissues, directed by specific transporter proteins.

The authors are in the Department of Biology, University of York, York YO10 4YW, UK. E-mail: ts20{at}; hmol1{at}

Maize LAZY1 Mediates Shoot Gravitropism and Inflorescence Development through Regulating Auxin Transport, Auxin Signaling, and Light Response.
Z. Dong, C. Jiang, X. Chen, T. Zhang, L. Ding, W. Song, H. Luo, J. Lai, H. Chen, R. Liu, et al. (2013)
Plant Physiology 163, 1306-1322
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Combined in silico/in vivo analysis of mechanisms providing for root apical meristem self-organization and maintenance.
V. V. Mironova, N. A. Omelyanchuk, E. S. Novoselova, A. V. Doroshkov, F. V. Kazantsev, A. V. Kochetov, N. A. Kolchanov, E. Mjolsness, and V. A. Likhoshvai (2012)
Ann. Bot. 110, 349-360
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DWARF27, an Iron-Containing Protein Required for the Biosynthesis of Strigolactones, Regulates Rice Tiller Bud Outgrowth.
H. Lin, R. Wang, Q. Qian, M. Yan, X. Meng, Z. Fu, C. Yan, B. Jiang, Z. Su, J. Li, et al. (2009)
PLANT CELL 21, 1512-1525
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
Canalization of auxin flow by Aux/IAA-ARF-dependent feedback regulation of PIN polarity..
M. Sauer, J. Balla, C. Luschnig, J. Wisniewska, V. Reinohl, J. Friml, and E. Benkova (2006)
Genes & Dev. 20, 2902-2911
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