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Science 323 (5917): 1021-1022

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Stress Response and Aging

Laura R. Saunders and Eric Verdin

Transcriptional regulators that respond to stress also influence life span.

Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology, 1650 Owens Street, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA, and University of California, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA. E-mail: everdin{at}

Muscle Heat Shock Protein 70 Predicts Insulin Resistance With Aging.
L. Chichester, A. T. Wylie, S. Craft, and K. Kavanagh (2014)
J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci
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Aging Does Not Reduce Heat Shock Protein 70 in the Absence of Chronic Insulin Resistance.
K. Kavanagh, A. T. Wylie, T. J. Chavanne, M. J. Jorgensen, V. S. Voruganti, A. G. Comuzzie, J. R. Kaplan, C. E. McCall, and S. B. Kritchevsky (2012)
J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 67, 1014-1021
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Evaluation of Sirtuin Role in Neuroprotection of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Hypoxia.
S. Balaiya, L. R. Ferguson, and K. V. Chalam (2012)
Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 53, 4315-4322
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
Transformation of eEF1B{delta} into heat-shock response transcription factor by alternative splicing.
T. Kaitsuka, K. Tomizawa, and M. Matsushita (2011)
EMBO Rep. 12, 673-681
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
SIRT6 Promotes DNA Repair Under Stress by Activating PARP1.
Z. Mao, C. Hine, X. Tian, M. Van Meter, M. Au, A. Vaidya, A. Seluanov, and V. Gorbunova (2011)
Science 332, 1443-1446
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
SIRT1 contributes to telomere maintenance and augments global homologous recombination.
J. A. Palacios, D. Herranz, M. L. De Bonis, S. Velasco, M. Serrano, and M. A. Blasco (2010)
J. Cell Biol. 191, 1299-1313
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