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Sci. Signal., 30 June 2009
Vol. 2, Issue 77, p. ra32
[DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2000135]


Editor's Summary

From Adhesions to Lamellae
The tight junction protein ZO-1 (zonula occludens-1) is involved in cell-cell adhesion, whereas integrins containing the {alpha}5 integrin subunit mediate both cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion. Alterations in the abundance of ZO-1 and {alpha}5 are correlated with increased invasiveness in lung cancer cells. Through biochemical, RNA interference, and imaging techniques, Tuomi et al. found that ZO-1 and {alpha}5 interacted at the leading edge of migrating lung cancer cells, where the complex promoted lamellae formation and motility. Protein kinase C{varepsilon} (PKC{varepsilon}) promoted the phosphorylation of ZO-1 at Ser168, which triggered the relocalization of ZO-1 from tight junctions to lamellae. The ZO-1–{alpha}5 complex was detected only in migrating cells in vitro and, intriguingly, was also present only in a subset of cells in metastatic lung tumors, suggesting that ZO-1 and {alpha}5 integrin may be involved in motility and invasion in vivo.

Citation: S. Tuomi, A. Mai, J. Nevo, J. O. Laine, V. Vilkki, T. J. Öhman, C. G. Gahmberg, P. J. Parker, J. Ivaska, PKC{varepsilon} Regulation of an {alpha}5 Integrin–ZO-1 Complex Controls Lamellae Formation in Migrating Cancer Cells. Sci. Signal. 2, ra32 (2009).

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Trop-2 Promotes Prostate Cancer Metastasis By Modulating {beta}1 Integrin Functions.
M. Trerotola, D. L. Jernigan, Q. Liu, J. Siddiqui, A. Fatatis, and L. R. Languino (2013)
Cancer Res. 73, 3155-3167
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Claudin-1 expression confers resistance to anoikis in colon cancer cells in a Src-dependent manner.
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A functional genetic screen reveals new regulators of {beta}1-integrin activity.
T. Pellinen, J. K. Rantala, A. Arjonen, J.-P. Mpindi, O. Kallioniemi, and J. Ivaska (2012)
J. Cell Sci. 125, 649-661
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Cdc42-dependent formation of the ZO-1/MRCK{beta} complex at the leading edge controls cell migration.
L. Huo, W. Wen, R. Wang, C. Kam, J. Xia, W. Feng, and M. Zhang (2011)
EMBO J. 30, 665-678
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Tight junctions in the testis: new perspectives.
D. D. Mruk and C. Y. Cheng (2010)
Phil Trans R Soc B 365, 1621-1635
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