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Sci. Signal., 19 January 2010
Vol. 3, Issue 105, p. ra5
[DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2000510]


Editor's Summary

Tipping the Balance
Strains of rabies virus, which infects neurons, may be virulent, in which case the cells survive long enough for the virus to replicate and spread, or they may be attenuated, in which case the infected cells die by apoptosis. Préhaud et al. compared one attenuated and one virulent viral strain and found that a single amino acid change in a region of a viral envelope protein that binds to host cell proteins was sufficient to account for the death or survival of infected cells. The binding properties of the attenuated virus protein were expanded, thereby affecting the balance in the activities of host kinases and phosphatases sufficiently to trigger cell death. These findings may inform strategies to engineer attenuated viruses, which are often used in live vaccines.

Citation: C. Préhaud, N. Wolff, E. Terrien, M. Lafage, F. Mégret, N. Babault, F. Cordier, G. S. Tan, E. Maitrepierre, P. Ménager, D. Chopy, S. Hoos, P. England, M. Delepierre, M. J. Schnell, H. Buc, M. Lafon, Attenuation of Rabies Virulence: Takeover by the Cytoplasmic Domain of Its Envelope Protein. Sci. Signal. 3, ra5 (2010).

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Interspecies protein substitution to investigate the role of the lyssavirus glycoprotein.
D. A. Marston, L. M. McElhinney, A. C. Banyard, D. L. Horton, A. Nunez, M. L. Koser, M. J. Schnell, and A. R. Fooks (2013)
J. Gen. Virol. 94, 284-292
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
Interference with the PTEN-MAST2 Interaction by a Viral Protein Leads to Cellular Relocalization of PTEN.
E. Terrien, A. Chaffotte, M. Lafage, Z. Khan, C. Prehaud, F. Cordier, C. Simenel, M. Delepierre, H. Buc, M. Lafon, et al. (2012)
Science Signaling 5, ra58
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
A functional genetic screen reveals new regulators of {beta}1-integrin activity.
T. Pellinen, J. K. Rantala, A. Arjonen, J.-P. Mpindi, O. Kallioniemi, and J. Ivaska (2012)
J. Cell Sci. 125, 649-661
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
Emerging Theme: Cellular PDZ Proteins as Common Targets of Pathogenic Viruses.
R. T. Javier and A. P. Rice (2011)
J. Virol. 85, 11544-11556
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
Two Overlapping Domains of a Lyssavirus Matrix Protein That Acts on Different Cell Death Pathways.
F. Larrous, A. Gholami, S. Mouhamad, J. Estaquier, and H. Bourhy (2010)
J. Virol. 84, 9897-9906
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
Science Signaling Podcast: 26 January 2010.
M. Lafon and A. M. VanHook (2010)
Science Signaling 3, pc2
   Abstract »    Full Text »

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