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Sci. Signal., 12 July 2011
Vol. 4, Issue 181, p. rs7
[DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2001656]


Editor's Summary

Seeing Notch in Action
The Notch signaling pathway, which is critical for development and tissue renewal in adults, is complex, involving multiple ligand-induced cleavage events, translocation of cleaved active Notch fragments to the nucleus, and interactions with various partners to regulate gene expression. Ilagan et al. describe a luciferase complementation imaging assay system that enables monitoring of pathway activity in real time in live cells with high temporal resolution. They demonstrate not only the usefulness of this system for basic research into regulation of the activity of this pathway, but also the application of the system for high-throughput screening assays for the development and characterization of drugs that alter the activity of components in the pathway. Because enzymes that activate Notch are also involved in the production of amyloid β, which is implicated in Alzheimer’s disease, the system may prove useful for screening drugs that inhibit production of this toxic protein.

Citation: M. X. G. Ilagan, S. Lim, M. Fulbright, D. Piwnica-Worms, R. Kopan, Real-Time Imaging of Notch Activation with a Luciferase Complementation-Based Reporter. Sci. Signal. 4, rs7 (2011).

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Illuminating Cancer Systems with Genetically Engineered Mouse Models and Coupled Luciferase Reporters In Vivo.
B. Kocher and D. Piwnica-Worms (2013)
Cancer Discovery 3, 616-629
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Different levels of Notch signaling regulate quiescence, renewal and differentiation in pancreatic endocrine progenitors.
N. Ninov, M. Borius, and D. Y. R. Stainier (2012)
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