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Sci. Signal., 27 September 2011
Vol. 4, Issue 192, p. ra64
[DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2002049]


Editor's Summary

GIVing Migration a Boost
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) can promote cell migration, and the activation of PI3K occurs downstream of ligand binding to several cell surface receptors. Lin et al. show that the guanine nucleotide exchange factor GIV (Gα-interacting vesicle-associated protein) may link ligand stimulation of these receptors to activation of PI3K. GIV was tyrosine phosphorylated by various receptor and non-receptor tyrosine kinases, and these phosphorylation events enabled GIV to bind to a regulatory subunit of PI3K, increase PI3K activity at the plasma membrane, and promote cell migration. The metastatic and invasive extent of a breast carcinoma was positively correlated to tyrosine phosphorylation of GIV and its association with the regulatory subunit of PI3K. Thus, manipulations that prevent or decrease the tyrosine phosphorylation of GIV could potentially be used to slow the progression of invasive cancers.

Citation: C. Lin, J. Ear, Y. Pavlova, Y. Mittal, I. Kufareva, M. Ghassemian, R. Abagyan, M. Garcia-Marcos, P. Ghosh, Tyrosine Phosphorylation of the Gα-Interacting Protein GIV Promotes Activation of Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase During Cell Migration. Sci. Signal. 4, ra64 (2011).

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The phosphatidylinositol-transfer protein Nir2 binds phosphatidic acid and positively regulates phosphoinositide signalling.
S. Kim, A. Kedan, M. Marom, N. Gavert, O. Keinan, M. Selitrennik, O. Laufman, and S. Lev (2013)
EMBO Rep. 14, 891-899
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
STAT3 Protein Up-regulates G{alpha}-interacting Vesicle-associated Protein (GIV)/Girdin Expression, and GIV Enhances STAT3 Activation in a Positive Feedback Loop during Wound Healing and Tumor Invasion/Metastasis.
Y. Dunkel, A. Ong, D. Notani, Y. Mittal, M. Lam, X. Mi, and P. Ghosh (2012)
J. Biol. Chem. 287, 41667-41683
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
G{alpha}s promotes EEA1 endosome maturation and shuts down proliferative signaling through interaction with GIV (Girdin).
A. O. Beas, V. Taupin, C. Teodorof, L. T. Nguyen, M. Garcia-Marcos, and M. G. Farquhar (2012)
Mol. Biol. Cell 23, 4623-4634
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
G{alpha}o potentiates estrogen receptor {alpha} activity via the ERK signaling pathway.
M. R. Bratton, J. W. Antoon, B. N. Duong, D. E. Frigo, S. Tilghman, B. M. Collins-Burow, S. Elliott, Y. Tang, L. I. Melnik, L. Lai, et al. (2012)
J. Endocrinol. 214, 45-54
   Abstract »    Full Text »    PDF »
Functional characterization of the guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) motif of GIV protein reveals a threshold effect in signaling.
M. Garcia-Marcos, P. S. Kietrsunthorn, Y. Pavlova, M. A. Adia, P. Ghosh, and M. G. Farquhar (2012)
PNAS 109, 1961-1966
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