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Sci. Signal., 12 March 2013
Vol. 6, Issue 266, p. ra17
[DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2003240]


Editor's Summary

Signaling Denied by Sequestration
The {gamma}c family of cytokines, including interleukin-2 (IL-2) and IL-7, bind to receptors containing different α subunits but the same common {gamma} chain. Cotari et al. used flow cytometry to simultaneously measure {gamma}c cytokine receptor abundance and downstream signaling responses of individual mouse T cells. Whereas cells with increased abundance of the α subunit of the IL-2 receptor α (IL-2Rα) had an expected correlation with increased sensitivity to IL-2, they also exhibited an unexpected decrease in responsiveness to IL-7. Mathematical modeling predicted that increased IL-2Rα abundance would sequester the {gamma}c chain from the IL-7Rα subunit, which would decrease the sensitivity of the T cells to IL-7. Further experiments validated this prediction. Changes in IL-2Rα abundance did not affect the signaling of other {gamma}c family cytokines, which could be attributed to higher affinities between their receptor α subunits and the {gamma}c chain.

Citation: J. W. Cotari, G. Voisinne, O. E. Dar, V. Karabacak, G. Altan-Bonnet, Cell-to-Cell Variability Analysis Dissects the Plasticity of Signaling of Common {gamma} Chain Cytokines in T Cells. Sci. Signal. 6, ra17 (2013).

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Cracking the NF-{kappa}B Code.
K. E. Tkach, J. E. Oyler, and G. Altan-Bonnet (2014)
Science Signaling 7, pe5
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T cells translate individual, quantal activation into collective, analog cytokine responses via time-integrated feedbacks.
K. E. Tkach, D. Barik, G. Voisinne, N. Malandro, M. M. Hathorn, J. W. Cotari, R. Vogel, T. Merghoub, J. Wolchok, O. Krichevsky, et al. (2014)
eLife Sci 3, e01944
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Science Signaling Podcast: 12 March 2013.
G. Altan-Bonnet and A. M. VanHook (2013)
Science Signaling 6, pc7
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