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Is Zinc a Neuromodulator?
Alan R. Kay and Katalin Tóth (13 May 2008)
Sci. Signal. 1 (19), re3-re3. [DOI: 10.1126/stke.119re3]
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Zinc Release at the Synaptic Terminals

The review by Kay and Tóth (1) ignores a body of evidence that shows the release of synaptic zinc by stimulation of mossy fibers. The authors make the claim “This zinc-release hypothesis has, however, proved difficult to confirm.” They claim further that zinc release upon stimulation and blockade by antagonist are stumbling blocks in the case for zinc as a modulator. While I agree that the experiments are difficult, many of the reasons for failures to detect released zinc were discussed by Frederickson et al. (2) who provided explanations for why synaptic zinc release was not detected in some experimental systems and why the detected concentrations of released zinc were depressed under particular experimental conditions. Furthermore, there is a substantial body of evidence using various experimental systems that are optimized for detection of released zinc that convincingly support the zinc-release hypothesis (2-11). There are also numerous papers showing that chelation of intrinsic zinc signals changes neuronal function in a manner opposite to the changes produced by adding exogenous zinc. Thus, in my opinion, there is ample evidence for zinc as a synaptically released neuromodulator.


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