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E-Conference: Defining Calcium Entry Signals

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Overview and Objectives of the E-Conference

24 May 2004

STKE Editors, E-Conference Chairpersons

The E-Conference is designed to focus upon current understanding on the function, control, and role of calcium entry signals in mammalian cells. One central question to be addressed is how calcium entry channels are activated in response to depletion of calcium from stores. Likewise, it is critical to know which channels contribute to such calcium entry. The focus is primarily upon calcium entry signals in nonexcitable cells in which voltage changes are not the predominant means by which calcium signals are induced. However, nonvoltage-dependent mechanisms also play an important role in calcium entry in excitable cells, hence the focus is to include all cell types.

The conference will focus on three central questions, each of which will have its own thread or topic in the forum and which can be thought of as separate "sessions" within the conference. Several scientists have been invited to start the discussion on each topic, much like invited speakers at a meeting. The community is also encouraged to share their questions and comments on each topic by responding either to the main topic in each session or responding to a specific response in the session.

We hope this approach stimulates discussion and leads to new ideas for unraveling some of the remaining questions related to control of calcium entry.

E-Conference Chairpersons,
Donald L. Gill
Randen L. Patterson

STKE Editors,
L. Bryan Ray
Nancy R. Gough
Elizabeth M. Adler

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