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Principles of Cell Signaling and Biological Consequences

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Final Forum

25 April 2005

Course Directors, Ravi Iyengar, Maria Diverse, Daniel Weinstein, Lakshmi Devi

Functional Consequences of Interactions between Signaling Pathways

A general theme that has emerged from this course is that interactions between signaling pathways (cross-talk) have substantial functional consequences.

1) Choose a recent (within the past two years) primary publication that you think demonstrates the functional consequences of cross-talk and write a brief (200-500 word) description of why you think the experiments in this paper highlight the functional consequences of cross talk.

Log into Science's STKE with your username and password. Then use the "Respond to this message" link in the left navigation area to submit your description and the full reference to the selected primary publication in this Final Forum thread in the discussion by 10 May 2005.

Students should enter their assigned identification number, as the first and last name entries for the Forum submission form. Please enter your correct email address so that the editors can contact you if there is a problem with your submission. Your identification number is known only to the Course Directors and your email address will not show with the submission, thereby maintaining your privacy. Do not check the anonymous submission box or your identification number will not show.

2) Please read all of the descriptions posted by your fellow students under the Final Forum discussion thread, as well as the abstracts of the papers cited. Select two of the papers and descriptions, excluding your own, for further comment. Write a commentary consisting of two 200-300 word paragraphs to submit to the Final Forum using your identification number as described above.

The first paragraph should focus on your evaluation of whether the publication convincingly demonstrates functional consequences of interactions between signaling pathways.

The second paragraph should comment on the description written by the student who selected the paper. State why you agree or disagree with the description, and if additional arguments in support or criticisms against the study need to be made.

Comments in both paragraphs should be supported with additional references to primary publications or review articles.

Post your commentary on the appropriate second-level thread in the Final Forum discussion thread by 20 May 2005.

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