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Splenic leukocytes define the resolution of inflammation in heart failure

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Sci. Signal.  06 Mar 2018:
Vol. 11, Issue 520, eaao1818
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aao1818

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Calming the heart after a heart attack

Although leukocytes can trigger inflammation that aggravates a heart attack, they can also produce bioactive resolving mediators that suppress inflammation. Halade et al. tracked leukocyte populations and measured the concentrations of proresolving bioactive mediators that attenuate inflammation in mice subjected to coronary ligation, an experimental method of inducing myocardial infarction that progresses to irreversible heart failure. Their analysis suggests that leukocytes were mobilized from the spleen to the infarcted heart to produce proresolving mediators and specific depletion of macrophages was associated with the biosynthesis of proresolving mediators. Thus, generally preventing immune cell infiltration after a heart attack may also delay healing and recovery by allowing inflammation to continue abated.