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Regulating Phagosome Maturation

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Science's STKE  18 May 2004:
Vol. 2004, Issue 233, pp. tw183-TW183
DOI: 10.1126/stke.2332004TW183

Toll-like receptors (TLRs) play important roles in pathogen recognition. Now Blander and Medzhitov (see the Perspective by Watts) suggest an additional role for TLRs--the control of phagocytosis, the process by which cells engulf large particles, such as bacteria. TLR signaling was found to regulate phagosome maturation and phagolysosomal fusion in mouse macrophages through spatially restricted signaling pathways. The nature of the cargo appears to determine the fate of the phagosome, such that pathogens and apoptotic cells are delivered into separate phagosomes that undergo distinct modes of maturation.

J. M. Blander, R. Medzhitov, Regulation of phagosome maturation by signals from toll-like receptors. Science 304, 1014-1018 (2004). [Abstract] [Full Text]

C. Watts, The bell tolls for phagosome maturation. Science 304, 976-977 (2004). [Summary] [Full Text]

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