Stress and Sex Versus Immunity and Inflammation

Science Signaling  12 Oct 2010:
Vol. 3, Issue 143, pp. pe36
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.3143pe36

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  1. Article
    1. Abstract
    2. Evolution of Animalia Complexity
    3. The Single Cell and the Entire Organism
    4. Sex, Stress, and Immune Function
    5. Parallel Gene Network Evolution
    6. Molecular Actions of Steroids Are Dependent on Context
    7. More to Sexual Dimorphism Than Androgens and Estrogens
    8. Multilevel Interactions Between the Mammalian Stress, Reproductive, and Immune Systems
    9. Gender-Specific Stress and Immune and Inflammatory Responses
    10. Clinical Implications
    11. References
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