Science Signaling Podcast: 26 November 2013

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Sci. Signal.  26 Nov 2013:
Vol. 6, Issue 303, pp. pc32
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2004884

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This Podcast features an interview with Taku Kambayashi and Gary Koretzky, authors of two Research Articles that appear in the 26 November 2013 issue of Science Signaling, about two related kinases that control T cell development. Stimulation of the T cell receptor during T cell development in the thymus or during an immune response leads to the generation of the second messenger diacylglycerol (DAG), which subsequently activates other signaling pathways to control the response of the T cell. These signaling pathways are very sensitive to the amount of DAG that is present, so precise control over the generation and degradation of DAG is important. DAG is generated by the activity of phospholipase C–γ1 (PLC-γ1) and inactivated by diacylglycerol kinases (DGKs). In a new study published in this issue of Science Signaling, Kambayashi and Koretzky have collaborated on a project examining the differential roles of the α and ζ isoforms of DGK in T cell development. A companion paper from Kambayashi's group explores the importance of DGKζ in the development of natural regulatory T cells.

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