Distinct Integrin-Dependent Signals Define Requirements for Lytic Granule Convergence and Polarization in Natural Killer Cells

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Sci. Signal.  07 Oct 2014:
Vol. 7, Issue 346, pp. pe24
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2005816

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Lytic granules in natural killer (NK) cells represent a dangerous cargo that is targeted for secretion to destroy diseased cells. The appropriate management of these organelles enables the mounting of a precise and valuable host defense. The process of NK cell adhesion to a target cell through engagement of the integrin LFA-1 (lymphocyte function–associated antigen 1) promotes lytic granule organization through complex cellular mechanics and a signaling pathway characterized by Zhang et al. in this issue of Science Signaling. A set of signaling molecules was defined for their ability to promote the polarization of NK cell lytic granules and the microtubule organizing center (MTOC) toward the interface with a target cell. A subset of these signaling molecules was also required for the convergence of lytic granules on the MTOC.

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