The text of the Review by Donald W. Hilgemann had three errors. In the section entitled "PIP2: Gregarious But Not Promiscous", a phrase in the third paragraph was unclear and corrected to read the following: "PIP2 is a trivalent ion at pH7. On the basis of electrostatic interactions alone, it will bind to polyvalent cationic sites with about 100-times higher affinity than monovalent phospholipids will bind to the same sites."

Additionally, references 29 and 30 were incorrect and have been updated to the following:

29. D. W. Hilgemann, A. Collins, The mechanism of sodium-calcium exchange stimulation by ATP in giant cardiac membrane patches: Possible role of aminophospholipid translocase. J. Physiol. 454, 59-82 (1992).

30. D. W. Hilgemann, R. Ball, Regulation of cardiac Na+,Ca2+ exchange and KATP potassium channels by PIP2. Science 273, 956-959 (1996).

The online display has been corrected. A corrected PDF is available starting January 22, 2002 from;2001/111/re19