Movie 1. Microtubules are necessary for cell migration.

The movie shows NIH 3T3 fibroblast migrating into an in vitro wound. Approximately four hours after wounding, 10 μM nocodazole was added (+noc) to breakdown microtubules. After another 4 hours, nocodazole is washed out to allow the regrowth of microtubules (-noc). The nocodazole treatment can be seen to inhibit cell migration into the wound without decreasing actin-based protrusive activity at the front of the cell, although the protrusive activity becomes delocalized. Nocodazole also blocks cells from completing mitosis, as indicated by the accumulation of rounded, refractile cells. Both cell migration and cell division resume when the nocodazole is removed from the medium (-noc). Playback speed is 60 minutes per second.

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