This animation shows how the LFY transcription factor is synthesized only in Layer 1 of this genetically altered meristem and then moves through plasmodesmata into the underlying layers (L2 and L3) to influence gene transcription of the meristem. That LFY is functional after moving through plasmodesmata is demonstrated by the activation of a reporter gene and is shown by the appearance of a blue color when X-Gluc is added to the plant. Animation created by Carin Cain with scientific input from Richard A. Jorgensen/University of Arizona and William J. Lucas/University of California at Davis.

Click the "Play" button at the bottom movie screen to start the animation. Click on the "Stop" button to pause the animation at any time. Resume the animation by clicking "Play" again.

Citation: Jorgensen, R. A., Directed Cell-to-Cell Movement of Functional Proteins: Do Transcription Factors Double as Signal Molecules in Plants? Science's STKE (2000):;2000/58/pe2

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