Movie 1

Retraction of lamellipodia and rounding up of Eph-A3-expressing HEK 293T cells co-transfected with pEGFP actin, following stimulation by clustered ephrin-A5 ligand. Total length of sequence (frame interval optional): 60 min, 1 frame min-1. From: I. Lawrenson, S. H. Cody, M. Lackmann, Morphological changes following Eph receptor stimulation. Trends in Cell Biology 11, CD-ROM Supplement, GFP in Motion 2, 2001. Copyright: Contributors retain the copyright for the data provided and are allowed to use it for peer-reviewed research reports without requesting consent from the publisher of GFP in Motion 2.

Citation: A. W. Boyd, M. Lackmann, Signals from Eph and Ephrin Proteins: A Developmental Tool Kit. Science's STKE (2001),;2001/112/re20.

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