Animation 2B

Animation 2B. Synaptic Vesicle Release through a Putative V0-like Pore Animation

If the fusion pore were a proteinaceous complex composed of trans-complexes of V0-like sectors from the synaptic vesicle and the plasma membranes, fusion would correspond to the calcium-calmodulin-dependent opening of the V0-like pore and the reverse reaction to the closing of this pore.

As in the slow track, the proton pump would restore the electrochemical gradient, allowing for the uptake of neurotransmitter into the vesicle, which can undergo further rounds of exocytosis.

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Citation: T. Galli, V. Haucke, Cycling of Synaptic Vesicles: How Far? How Fast! Science's STKE (2001),;2001/88/re1.

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