An Integrin Signaling Schematic.

This schematic was prepared by J. T. Parson's laboratory. The colors represent functional groupings for the cellular processes affected by integrin signaling. Signal transduction pathways emanating from integrins (purple) regulate numerous cellular processes, including actin organization (orange) and adhesion complex remodeling (yellow), which together influence cell movement (red), as well as gene expression and cell cycle regulation (blue) and cell survival (gray).

S. A. Boerner, P. R. Grigera, H. Hayasaka, A. V. Karginov, A. W. Kinley, Y. Liu, K. H. Martin, P. Y. Sayess, N. V. Sergina, J. K. Slack, J. T. Parsons, Integrin Signaling Pathway. Science's STKE (Connections Maps), [Canonical Pathway]