Animation 1. AMPA Receptor Cycling in the Synapse.
This animation shows the constitutive insertion of the GluR2-GluR3 AMPA receptors (red and yellow) and the activity-dependent insertion of the GluR1-GluR2 AMPA receptors (yellow and green) into the postsynaptic membrane. The postsynaptic membrane also contain NMDA receptors (blue) and intracellular anchoring proteins, which are members of the postsynaptic density. The model is based on the studies of the induction of LTP in hippocampus. Click on "Fire the Neuron" or "View Signal Transduction" to start the action.

Citation: A. Contractor, S. F. Heinemann, Glutamate receptor trafficking in synaptic plasticity. Science's STKE (2002),;2002/156/re1.

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