The following correction should be noted for the Perspective by Frederickson. The page indicated is from the PDF:

Page 3: In the legend to Figure 2, the graph in Figure 2B was misidentified as representing the rise in extracellular zinc, when in fact it represents a very similar trace of the subsequent rise in intracellular zinc. The corrected text reads,
(B) Graph at left depicts the rise in intracellular Zn2+ in postsynaptic cells following presynaptic release of zinc into the cleft and presumed translocation into postsynaptic neurons (measured with Newport Green diacetate). The corresponding diagram at right shows in pseudocolor the release of Zn2+ into the extracellular fluid of a brain slice during electrical stimulation of the Zn2+-rich axons of the dentate granule neurons (circles). Released Zn2+ could be reliably detected within 33 ms (after 4 stimulus pulses); extracellular Zn2+ concentration during peak release was about 20 μM. T, time in seconds. [Reproduced in part from Li et al., J. Neurophysiol., 86 2597-2604 (2001), with permission.]

The online full text view of the article has been corrected. A corrected PDF is available starting August 26, 2003.

A PDF of the originally published article with the original text is also available at:;2003/182/pe18/DC1/1