Interactive Figure 3

Systems Biology of AGC Kinases in Fungi (Interactive Figure 3)

Alex Sobko

Iogen Corporation, 310 Hunt Club Road East, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 1C1, Canada.

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This interactive version of Figure 3 represents the genetic interactions and protein-protein interactions involving Sch9 from proteome-wide protein-protein interactions studies (1) and the Sch9 entry of BIOGRID (2). Data were integrated into Pathway Studio pathway analysis software and the hyperlinked image was exported. Click image below to open the interactive version. Once in the interactive version, simply click on the symbol for the component or the sign associated with each relation to open a new window with additional information.

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Citation: A. Sobko, Systems biology of AGC kinases in fungi. Sci. STKE2006, re9 (2006).

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