Science Signaling Podcast: 15 July 2008

Participants: John F. Foley and Annalisa M. VanHook

A conversation about research highlighted in Editors' Choice titled, "Macrophages Go Back to School."

Highlighted articles: T. Hagemann, T. Lawrence, I. McNeish, K. A. Charles, H. Kulbe, R. G. Thompson, S. C. Robinson, F. R. Balkwill, "Re-educating" tumor-associated macrophages by targeting NF-B.J. Exp. Med. 205, 1261-1268 (2008).

C. H. Y. Fong, M. Bebien, A. Didierlaurent, R. Nebauer, T. Hussell, D. Broide, M. Karin, T. Lawrence, An antiinflammatory role for IKK╬▓ through the inhibition of "classical" macrophage activation. J. Exp. Med. 205, 1269-1276 (2008).

Length: 11 minutes

File size: 5.00 MB

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