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Mechanical Signals Trigger Myosin II Redistribution and Mesoderm Invagination in Drosophila Embryos

Philippe-Alexandre Pouille, Padra Ahmadi, Anne-Christine Brunet, Emmanuel Farge*

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: efarge{at}

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  • Fig. S1. Morphological phenotypes of sna homozygous mutants.
  • Fig. S2. A minority of sna/sna embryos exhibit ventral flattening and limited MyoII apical concentration.
  • Fig. S3. sna mutants do not rescue in response to simple contact.
  • Fig. S4. twi mutants that are defective in sna expression that express Fog in the mesoderm lack Twist.
  • Fig. S5. Mechanical deformation fails to rescue twi mutants that are also defective in sna expression.
  • Fig. S6. Fog and MyoII localization is not altered by heat shock in sna mutant embryos.
  • Fig. S7. sna and sna Fog+ phenotypes predicted by simulations.

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Citation: P.-A. Pouille, P. Ahmadi, A.-C. Brunet, E. Farge, Mechanical signals trigger Myosin II redistribution and mesoderm invagination in Drosophila embryos. Sci. Signal.2, ra16 (2009).

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