Science Signaling Podcast: 30 June 2009

Participants: Ulrik B. Nielsen and Annalisa M. VanHook

A conversation about a Research Article published in the 30 June 2009 issue of Science Signaling.

Highlighted article:

B. Schoeberl, E. A. Pace, J. B. Fitzgerald, B. D. Harms, L. Xu, L. Nie, B. Linggi, A. Kalra, V. Paragas, R. Bukhalid, V. Grantcharova, N. Kohli, K. A. West, M. Leszczyniecka, M. J. Feldhaus, A. J. Kudla, U. B. Nielsen, Therapeutically Targeting ErbB3: A Key Node in Ligand-Induced Activation of the ErbB Receptor–PI3K Axis. Sci. Signal. 2, ra31 (2009).

Length: 14 minutes

File size: 6.5 MB

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