Science Signaling Podcast: 28 July 2009

Participants: Michael B. Yaffe and Annalisa M. VanHook

A conversation about the Science Signaling Focus Issue on complexity.

Highlighted articles:

C. Kiel, L. Serrano, Cell-type specific importance of Ras-c-Raf complex association rate constants for MAPK signaling. Sci. Signal. 2, ra38 (2009).

C. S. H. Tan, B. Bodenmiller, A. Pasculescu, M. Jovanovic, M. O. Hengartner, C. J�rgensen, G. D. Bader, R. Aebersold, T. Pawson, R. Linding, Comparative analysis reveals conserved protein phosphorylation networks implicated in multiple diseases. Sci. Signal. 2, ra39 (2009).

S. C. Huang, E. Fraenkel, Integrating proteomic, transcriptional, and interactome data reveals hidden signaling components and regulatory networks. Sci. Signal. 2, ra40 (2009).

R. P. Alexander, P. M. Kim, T. Emonet, M. B. Gerstein, Understanding modularity in molecular networks requires dynamics. Sci. Signal. 2, pe44 (2009).

K. Flick, P. Kaiser, Proteomic revelation: SUMO changes partners when the heat is on. Sci. Signal. 2, pe45 (2009).

W. S. Hlavacek, J. R. Faeder, The complexity of cell signaling and the need for a new mechanics. Sci. Signal. 2, pe46 (2009).

T. Kobayashi, R. Kageyama, Dynamic advances in NF-κB signaling analysis. Sci. Signal. 2, pe47 (2009).

Length: 13 minutes

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