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MSK2 Inhibits p53 Activity in the Absence of Stress

Susana Llanos,* Ana Cuadrado, Manuel Serrano*

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: sllanos{at} (S.L.) and mserrano{at} (M.S.)

This PDF file includes:

  • Primer sequences
  • Fig. S1. Inhibition of p53 by MSK2 does not require its kinase activity.
  • Fig. S2. MSK2 down-regulation results in p53 stabilization.
  • Fig. S3. p53-mediated molecular and cellular response to DNA-damaging stimuli.
  • Fig. S4. MSK2 is degraded in response to apoptotic stimuli in a p53- and p38-independent manner.
  • Fig. S5. MSK2 does not interact with p53.
  • Fig. S6. MSK2 interacts physically and functionally with p300.
  • References

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Citation: S. Llanos, A. Cuadrado, M. Serrano, MSK2 inhibits p53 activity in the absence of stress. Sci. Signal.2, ra57 (2009).

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