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Trypanosoma cruzi Targets Akt in Host Cells as an Intracellular Antiapoptotic Strategy

Marina V. Chuenkova and Mercio PereiraPerrin*

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: maperrin{at}

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  • Fig. S1. T. cruzi-infected Schwann cells are resistant to a high concentration of H2O2.
  • Table S1. Amino acid sequences of putative Akt phosphorylation motifs in PDNF.
  • Table S2. T. cruzi proteins (other than PDNF) with potential Akt phosphorylation sites.

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Citation: M. V. Chuenkova, M. PereiraPerrin, Trypanosoma cruzi targets Akt in host cells as an intracellular antiapoptotic strategy. Sci. Signal. 2, ra74 (2009).

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